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Acrylic-Earrings DIY

Pink – Blue Acrylic Bead Earrings DIY

Here is how you can make a pair of acrylic bead earrings using acrylic square pillow beads and bicone crystals. The steps are fairly simple. 

Acrylic Bead Earrings DIY

How to Make Acrylic Bead Earrings:

Materials Needed:


Tools needed: 

  1. Round Nose Pliers
  2. Flat Nose Pliers
  3. Wire Cutter

Step 1:

Take a head pin and slide a small round metal spacer bead.

PBAE2Step 2:

Following the spacer bead, a square acrylic crystal bead in blue colors and another spacer bead is slid. I’ve chosen the bead colors to suit the outfit I made these for.

PBAE3Step 3:

Using the round nose pliers, bend the head pin and make a loop at the top.

PBAE4Step 4:

Now take an eye pin and slide an acrylic bicone bead in pink shade.

PBAE5Step 5:

Again make a loop at the top. Any excess wire can be trimmed off using wire cutter.

PBAE6Step 6:

Join the two parts of the earring using the loop. Loops can be opened and closed using flat nose pliers.

PBAE7 Step 7:

Attach a fish hook ear wire at the top.


Completed pair of acrylic bead earrings…


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