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Quilling Poinsettia Ornament – DIY

This tutorial shows how a quilling poinsettia ornament can be made to add charm to your Christmas tree. These adorable ornaments are pretty simple to make and are quilled using strips of paper.


How to make a Quilling Poinsettia Ornament:

Step 1:

Take a strip of paper and start quilling using a quilling needle. I’ve used a slotted quilling tool here but a regular quiling needle will be better I guess could also be used.

QPO1Step 2:

Keep quilling the whole strip.

QPO2Step 3:

Loosen the coil and glue the end of the paper strip to secure the coil.

QPO3Step 4:

Pinch two opposite points in the coil to get an Eye shaped quill.

QPO4Step 5:

We will make a total of eight such pieces for each flower. Repeat steps above to make the pieces.

QPO5Step 6:

Glue the pieces together as shown.

QPO6Step 7:

In the same manner as we made the petals, dark green paper strips are quilled to make leaves for the ornament.

QPO7Step 8:

The leaves are then glued on.

QPO8Step 9:

A tight coil is glued on at the center and then embellished. Dull gold beads have been used as embellishment in this ornament.


…and mirror pieces have been glued on in this ornament. You could use rhinestones, pearl beads or any such suitable embellishment.


Step 10:

Finally, a string is tied to hang the ornament.



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  2. Wonderful work,taking lot of inspiration,frm ur wrk ,hope to start soon .

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