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QF-Bead Earrings

Quilling Flower and Bead Earrings – DIY

Bead earrings made with the typical five petal quilling flower in black and white – the colors that never go out of style! Basic beading and quilling techniques used in the DIY that follows. QF-Bead Earrings

How to make bead earrings with a quilling flower:

Supplies Needed:


In addition to the above supplies, you will need quilling strips, quilling needle and glue for the paper flower.

Tools Needed:

  1. Wire Cutter
  2. Round Nose Pliers
  3. Flat Nose Pliers

Step 1:

Take an eye pin and slide the acrylic bead. This bead measures about 6 mm in diameter.

FQBE1Step 2:

Using round nose pliers, make a loop and cut off any excess wire using wire cutter.

FQBE2Step 3:

Simple five petal flowers are quilled. A loop is glued on at the top of the flower to connect it with the bead. Steps to make this flower is shown here in detail. The size of the flowers needs to be suitable for the bead used.


Step 4:

Using a jump ring connect the bead and the quilling flower. Flat nose pliers are used to open and close jump rings.


Step 5:

Insert a ear hook wire at the top and close it.


Completed pair of bead earrings… FQBEF

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