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Glass Colored Christmas Ornaments – DIY

A lovely set of Christmas ornaments made using transparent plastic sheets or OHP sheets and painted with glass colors for a translucent effect. Adorned with rhinestones and sparkle glue…

Glass-colored-Christmas ornaments

How to make Christmas Ornaments from plastic sheets:

Step 1:

Start with a small sheet of plastic. These come with a thin sheet of paper to prevent scratches.


Step 2:

Draw the ornament outline on the paper.

GCCO2Step 3:

Cut out along the outline and remove the paper.

GCCO3Step 4:

Start coloring the plastic using glass colors. You can just directly squeeze out of the bottle – if needed, brush may be used to even out the color.


Fully colored… Allow the paint to dry for some time. 20 to 30 minutes should be sufficient for the paint to dry well. If you’re not happy with how you painted, remove it using nail polish remover and re-paint.

GCCO5Step 5:

With glitter glue, designs are drawn on the base.


The design completed… The glitter glue has to dry for some time.

GCCO7Step 6:

Small rhinestones are glued on. Just a few green rhinestones have been used here.

GCCO9Step 7:

Flip and hot glue a string to the back of the piece to hang the ornament.


Here are the ornaments I made using the same technique…


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