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Origami Star Ornament

Easy Origami Star Ornament – Tutorial

Star ornaments are the easy origami models to make and they are yet so charming!! The origami star ornament we see in this tutorial is one of the simple models around and can be made as a Christmas ornament, a holiday decor in big and small sizes or even as a pair of earrings!

Origami Star Ornament

How to make an Origami Star Ornament:

Step 1:

Take two square pieces of paper of the same size. I’ve used patterned paper for this tutorial.

EOSO1Step 2:

We will start with one piece. Fold the paper in halves – vertically, horizontally and along the diagonals. Unfold to get the creases shown below.

EOSO2Step 3:

Along the vertical and horizontal crease make a cut – as you can see below, the depth of the cut is about half to the center point of the paper.

EOSO3Step 4:

Similarly, make cuts on all the four sides.

EOSO4Step 5:

Make a fold starting from the cut such that it aligns with the diagonal crease.

EOSO5Step 6:

Repeat for the other side to get a triangle.

EOSO6Step 7:

Repeat steps 5 and 6 for all the sides.


Step 8:

Apply glue on one flap of the triangle.


Step 9:

Place the other flap on top of  it and press. A pocket gets formed here.


Flip and you will be able to see the elevated look of the triangle.

EOSO10Step 10:

Repeat steps 8 and 9 for all the sides.

EOSO11Step 11:

Repeat steps 2 to 10 for the other piece of paper.

EOSO13Step 12:

Place one piece on top of the other and glue them together.

EOSO14Step 13:

A hole is made and a string is inserted to hang the ornament. Alternatively, the string can be hot glued.


The completed origami star ornament…


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