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Quill Leaves

Quilling Leaves – Tutorial

The technique of quilling leaves with paper strips has been shown. Leaves can be made in different patterns – here two such patterns are shown. The technique shown here is also used to make flowers and various other designs. Let’s see how to quill leaves…

Quilling Leaves

How to make a Quilling Leaf:

Type 1

Step 1:

We start with a paper strip and a quilling needle.

HTQL1 Step 2:

Quill to make a coil.

HTQL2Step 3:

Use glue to secure the coil.


Step 4:

Pinch at one point in the coil to get a tear drop leaf. This is the simplest leaf design and is used in a variety of quilling projects.


Type 2

Step 1:

I’ve made this leaf using quilling strips in two colors glued together. Make a loose coil just like how we did in Type 1.

HTQL6Step 2:

Hold the coil at the center using a pair of tweezers.

HTQL7Step 3:

Now bring the sides together to get the desired shape.

HTQL8Step 4:

Use glue to hold the two sides together and to complete the leaf.


These are just a couple of designs in which leaves are quilled. A variety of other designs can be quilled too; based on the type of project, the design is chosen. Will try to update a few more types…

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