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Origami Turkey

Origami Turkey – Folding Instructions

Instructions to fold an origami turkey using paper. This is a simple model which kids can do as a Thanksgiving day project. Many such turkeys can be made in different colors and strung like a banner – easy Thanksgiving decor!

Origami Turkey

How to fold an Origami Turkey:

Step 1:

Start with a square sheet of paper. I have used origami paper with both sides colored. If you are using origami paper with one side colored, start with colored side down.

ORT1Step 2:

Fold it in half along one diagonal. Make a crease and unfold.

ORT2Step 3:

Fold inwards to meet the center crease as shown.

ORT3Step 4:

Insert the flap behind the top folds.

ORT4Step 5:

Along the lines shown, fold the two corners.

ORT5… like this.

ORT6Step 6:

Make creases and unfold.

ORT7Step 7:

Open up along the creases and make squash folds.

ORT8Step 8:

Lift up the bottom part of the squash folds and press.

ORT9Step 9:

ORT10Step 10:

Fold inwards in half.

ORT11bStep 11:

ORT12Step 12:

ORT13Step 13:

ORT13bStep 14:

Make a fold as shown – press to make crease and unfold.

ORT14Step 15:

Along the crease made in step 14, make an outward fold.

ORT15Completed paper turkey model.


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