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Navratri Craft Ideas

Navratri Craft Ideas Round-Up

Navratri, the nine days of celebrating victory of good over evil begins today. On this day, we have a round-up of simple Navratri craft ideas that could make the “Golu” – dolls display more special.

Ornamental decoration:

  • The dolls displayed in golu typically are painted in vibrant colors. Since the dolls are passed on over generations, the paint tends to fade out. To make the dolls more attractive whilst maintaining the original beauty of the dolls, you could enhance them by only painting the accessories (Crown, jewels, etc) in metallic acrylic shades. You can see the stark difference after the gold and silver coats.
  • Pearls and kundan stones (rhinestones) can be glued on to enhance the look of the ornaments.
My favorite doll – Andal, here has been decorate using pearl beads.
Navratri Craft Ideas
And here is Lord Vishnu as Sesh Narayan striking a pose – kundan stones have been used to decorate the doll. I try not to overdo the stones work though!
You can bring in a flavor by placing monochromatic dolls – for a change.
“Doll sets”, say a wedding procession, a team of cricketers or Krishna dancing with his gopikas have a different kind of charm as they depict a scene.
Here is a wedding in progress…
And here.. Lord Krishna dances with his Gopikas…
Special dolls – some dolls are little different than the rest: say Arthannaareswar, Hariharan or Lord Krishna on Kalinga… have a nice story which you can tell your kids.
Kundan Rangoli:
My Navratri decor is generally completed with a kundan rangoli at the foot of the steps. You can find some kundan rangoli ideas here.

Marapaachi Dolls Decoration:

This is my favorite part – marapaachi dolls are traditional dolls made out of wood. These dolls can be decorated in different styles – ECIndianhandicrafts has some really nice ideas on how you could decorate the marapaachi dolls.

And before we wrap up, here is a look at the Golu at my home this year… though the picture was taken before I completed the decor part.  I usually prefer to keep the golu display traditional.

Navratri Craft Ideas

This Navratri Craft Ideas list could go on… there are a lot more things that you could do. Typical ones are a forest or park setting or a Temple Tank setup. I’ve just attempted to share a few ideas here.

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