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Kundan Rangoli in Green

Wooden Rangoli with Kundans – Tutorial

Wooden Rangoli making tutorial made on a wooden base and decorated using green metallic acrylic color, kundan stones, pearl beads and glitter glue. 

Wooden Rangoli in Green

How to make a Wooden Rangoli with Kundans:

Step 1:

Wooden base with a smooth surface of size 5″ X 5″ is taken.

GKR1Step 2:

Acrylic metallic shade is painted on the wooden base – a few coats of the paint are made and allowed to dry.

GKR2Step 3:

Tear drop shaped rhinestones have been glued on all the corners in a curvy pattern. Fabric glue or Fevicol/Mod Podge can be used.


Step 4:

An outline is made with gold glitter glue as shown.

GKR4bStep 5:

White glue has been applied along the corners…


…and dull gold beads are glued.

GKR6bStep 6:

At the center of the base, a pattern is made using one big rhinestone, white pearls and mirror pieces.

GKR7bStep 7:

A string of pearls glued along the outline parallel to the gold beads.

GKR8bStep 8:

Apply a coat of clear varnish and allow it to dry. Here is the completed Rangoli.


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