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Decorative Diyas for Diwali

Decorative Diyas for Diwali – Metallic Shades

A selection of 4 decorative diyas (lamps) has been shown. One of the diya designs comes with a tutorial – these ideas are fairly easy and are made using metallic acrylic colors, rhinestones and sparkle glue.

Decorative Diyas

How to make Decorative Diyas:

Step 1:

Start with an earthen diya and clean impurities and dust. For the purpose of this tutorial, simple diyas have been chosen.

DDDMS1Step 2:

Apply a coat of a chosen metallic acrylic shade. The good thing about metallic colors is that the paint by itself gives a festive look even without kundan stones or beads…


The diya after a few coats painted.

DDDMS3Step 3:

Glue on kundan stones in a suitable pattern.


Few more smaller stones have been glued on the rim of the diya…

DDDMS5Step 4:

Sparkle glue has been minimally used along the rim of the diya.


Step 5:

Once the glue has dried well, apply a coat of clear varnish and allow to dry. Discoloration while lighting the lamps could be there but the varnish protects the color to a large extent.

Diya Design 1:

DDDMS7Diya Design 2:

DDDMS8Diya Design 3:

This design is made by painting metallic green on one half and non-metallic acrylic orange shade on the other.


The side has been decorated using sparkle glue in a zig zag pattern.

DDDMS9bDiya Design 4:

Pearls give a richer look to the decor.


Have fun this Diwali with these colorful lamps lit in your homes!

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