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Decorative Diya and Thali

Decorative Diya and Thali Set – Tutorial

Continuing in our series of Diwali crafts, here we attempt to make a set of decorative diyas and thali. For a change, shades of blue have been used in this decor set. This decorative diya – thali set can also be gifted to your dear ones during the festive season.

Decorative Diya and Thali

How to make Decorative Diyas and Thali for Diwali:

Step 1:

Clean the diyas which are to be decorated.

DDTS1Step 2:

Paint them using acrylic colors of the chosen shade.

DDTS2Step 3:

I painted three coats for a good finish. Allow the paint to dry.

DDTS3Step 4:

The diyas used are quite small (about 2 inches), and so the design is kept very simple here. Glue is applied along the rim of the diya and small white stones are glued on.


Here is the design completed.

DDTS5Step 5:

Steps 2 to 4 are repeated and a few more diyas are decorated. Apply a coat of clear varnish and allow to dry well.

DDTS5bStep 6:

A wooden base is taken for the thali and is painted using pearl white shade. I haven’t painted too many coats, as I wanted the wooden texture to be seen.

DDTS6Step 7:

Silver lace is glued on along the sides as shown.

DDTS7Step 8:

An outline is then drawn using silver glitter glue / 3d outliner.

DDTS8Step 9:

Big and small blue rhinestones are alternatively glued on like a frame.

DDTS9…this way.

DDTS10Step 10:

Small white rhinestones were glued on top of the big blue stones.

DDTS11Step 11:

Near the four corners of the frame, round mirrors and white rhinestones were glued to make the design below.

DDTS12Step 12:

Design at the center made using pearls and stones in different colors and shapes.

DDTS13Step 13:

Finally, silver lace work. The thali looks like a kundan rangoli too!


The thali and the decorative diyas are completed. These can be used to decorate your puja or living room to add color and sparkle.


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