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Halloween Toothpick topper

Cupcake Toothpick toppers for Halloween – Tutorial

Make these cute cupcake toothpick toppers in no time using construction paper and some colors. This could be a fun halloween project for kids to do too! You can come up with different designs to suit your theme.

Cupcake Toothpick toppers

How to make Cupcake Toothpick toppers:

We are going to be using construction paper as the base material for these toppers. Alternatively you could use card stock too.

Step 1:

Start with a piece of construction paper in the required size.

HTT1Step 2:

Since the cupcake topper shown for the purpose of this tutorial is designed like a candy corn, strips of paper in orange and yellow are glued on the base.

HTT2Step 3:

Once the glue is dry, flip and draw the candy corn outline on the blank side.

HTT3Step 4:

Cut out along the outline. Cut two such pieces of the same size for one topper.

HTT4Step 5:

Glue the two pieces together along the outline, leaving a small opening at the bottom.


And insert the toothpick in the pocket. We do it this way so you can re-use the toppers later if you want… if you glue the toothpick on to the topper, you might not be able to use them again. In the same fashion, you can make toppers in various other designs and colors as per the theme/occasion.


You can now insert these toppers in the cupcakes!

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