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Modular Origami Tulip

3D Origami Tulip – Tutorial

Instructions to make a 3D Origami Tulip using triangular units of paper with the Modular origami technique have been provided. The steps are fairly simple and this is a beginner level modular origami model.

3D Origami Tulip

How to Make a 3D Origami Tulip – Instructions

We will need a total of 95 units of a chosen color (Pink color used here) for one tulip.

Step 1:

Make the triangular units – the steps for making these units is given here.

TDOT1Step 2:

Start by making the connector units. This way Rows 1 and 2 are formed.


Keep adding till you have a total of 15 units in each row.

TDOT3Step 3:

In the same manner, insert Row 3 (15 units).


Step 4:

Invert the model.

TDOT5Step 5:

Bring down the rows as shown.

TDOT6Step 6:

Now start inserting Row 4.

TDOT7Here is Row 4 completed.

TDOT8Step 7:

In the same way insert Row 5. (Both rows – 4 and 5 have 15 units each)

TDOT9Step 8:

Now insert units such that a triangular structure is formed:

Row 6 with 4 units

Row 7 with 3 units (on top of Row 6)

Row 8 with 2 units

Row 9 with 1 unit.

TDOT10Step 9:

Insert units (in the same way as above) opposite to the structure created in Step 8. The tulip flower is done.

TDOT11Step 10:

For the stem, construction paper has been rolled and floral tape has been wrapped around.

TDOT12Step 11:

Apply glue and insert the stem in the flower.

TDOT13Step 12:

Some leaves are then cut out and glued on. And because of the simplicity, I made two of these 3D Origami Tulips.


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