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3D Origami Bowl

3D Origami Candy Bowl – Tutorial

Take a candy everyone… Artplatter.com is 2 years old today! 🙂 Thank you all for your support and patronage!!

Today we will see a 3D Origami Bowl model to hold colorful candy. This 3D Origami bowl is a bit time consuming and can be done in different sizes and designs depending on your taste. The tutorial here will give you an idea of the technique.

3D Origami Bowl

How to make a 3D Origami Bowl:

This bowl uses Yellow (70 Nos.), Black (355 Nos.) and Blue (280 Nos.) units.

The tutorial for making the triangular units is available here.

Since most of the images are self-explanatory, I’ve kept the instructions in text minimum.

Step 1:

Starting by creating a connector unit.

TDCB1Step 2:

Keep adding units – We will have 28 units in Row 1 and Row 2.

TDCB2VStep 3:

Now we add Row 3. Insert a Blue unit.


..and 3 Black units.


… keep adding the same way to have this structure in Row 3. (Units used for Row 3 : 21 Black, 7 Blue)

TDCB5VStep 4:

Units used for Row 4 : 14 Black, 14 Blue


Step 5:

Yellow unit is added in the next row – connecting two blue units of the previous row.


Same way, yellow units are added around.


Step 6:

Adding one blue unit on each side of the yellow units.


Rest of the row have black units. (Units used for Row 5: 7 Black, 7 Yellow, 14 Blue)

TDCB10VStep 7:

Units used for Row 6 : 14 Yellow, 14 Blue

TDCB11VStep 8:

Adding Row 7… Units used for Row 7 : 7 Black, 14 Yellow, 7 Blue


Step 9:

For Row 8, Two yellow units added on top of the black unit. Remaining are blue units – so basically we are alternating between 2 yellow and 2 blue units.


This way… (Units used for Row 8: 14 Yellow, 14 Blue)


Step 10:

Units used for Row 9: 7 Black, 7 Yellow, 14 Blue


Step 11:

Extend blue units this way…


Another view at the end of this step.

TDCB17Step 12:

We are now going to build an arch kind of structure with the black unit units.




…Same way for the other half of the arch.


Join the two halves using a black unit. One arch uses up 19 Black units.

TDCB22Step 12 completed. (7 arches)

TDCB23Step 13:

We now form a pattern using blue and yellow units as shown.



Each block of this pattern uses 8 Blue units and 1 yellow units.

TDCB26Pattern completed.

TDCB27Step 14:

Now a blue arch is built just like the black one – start by inserting blue unit at each side of the pattern.


…extend by inserting blue units in both the sides.


One arch done. Each arch used an additional 15 Blue units.


The Blue arches completed…

TDCB31Step 15:

Another round of building black arches… (Alternated with blue at the beginning)


One yellow unit – just for a change of flavor.



TDCB35As you can see, the arch meets the peak of the previously constructed blue arch.


Black arches completed and so is the bowl!

TDCB37Step 16:

Close the bottom of the bowl by gluing on a round piece of thick construction paper.


The completed 3D Origami Bowl.


…And a view of the bowl from the top.


This bowl can be used as a candy bowl for Halloween or as a flower basket – table centerpiece maybe?!

P.S: I’ve tried to make the tutorial as clear as possible… If the number of units/instructions is incorrect or ambiguous anywhere, do let me know!!

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