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Modular Origami Lemon

Modular Origami Lemon – Tutorial

The Modular origami lemon is one one of the easy to assemble modular origami fruit models. This half cut lemon model will be a nice addition to you origami fruit tray. We will be using yellow and white color paper for this model. The DIY tutorial is below.

Modular Origami Lemon

How to make a 3D Origami Lemon:

We will need a total of 126 units for this model. This comprises of 14 White units and 112 Yellow color units.

Steps to make the triangular units is given here.

Step 1:

Take two Yellow units and connect them with a white unit as below. As it can be seen, the white unit is inserted upside down.

TDL1Step 2:

Make the ring (Rows 1 and 2) with yellow and white units in the same manner. Each row would have 14 units.

TDL2Step 3:

We will now insert Row 3 just like Row 2 (units upside down) but with yellow units.

TDL3Here is Row 3 completed.

TDL4Step 4:

Invert the model.

TDL5Step 5:

Bring the last row (Row 3) together downwards as shown.


Step 6:

Start adding Row 4.


Keep adding the units – Row 4 completed is shown.

TDL8Step 7:

In the same manner as we added Row 4, insert rows 5 to 9. We now have the desired shape.


The completed half-cut paper origami lemon model is here.

Origami Lemon

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