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Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Halloween is coming soon and as a start, here are some cool Halloween Nail Art ideas. These designs can be painted on short and long nails in little time. Prepare to go spooky! 

Note: The designs here are from Flickr used under Creative Commons License. The Image credit has been mentioned under each design for you to navigate further.

Halloween Nail Art Collection:

Design 1:

Halloween Nail Design Image Credit

In the above design, the designer has stamped the images giving it a fine look. The effect in the dark can be seen in the right image – perfect effect for Halloween! Most of the designs are made in the typical Halloween colors – i.e., black and orange.

Design 2:

The one with the black base and orange dots looks cool. It seems to be easy to paint using a toothpick. The spider web design also looks quite nice…

HND2Image Credit

Design 3:

HND3Image Credit

Design 4:

This nail design has googly eyes glued on a black nail color base and is a bit spookier than the rest!

halloween nail artImage Credit

The big eye on the thumb makes it a bit different. So go ahead, try out these fun halloween nail art ideas…

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