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Thermocol Wall Art

Thermocol Wall Art – Painting

Recently I made quite a large painting on a sheet of thermocol for my wall. Here is the thermocol wall art…

Thermocol Wall Art

Steps to make a Thermocol Wall Art:

Started with a sheet of thermocol about 3 inches thick. The length of the sheet is 40 inches and the height about 20 inches.


The word ‘HOPE’ is written at the center… I chose this word because that’s the word I thought best matched the floral painting I had in mind.


The word is centered in the sheet…

TWA3Word completed…


You remember the quilled mothers day card?… I’ve used the same model here; colors in inverse.


The base is painted in a light pink shade. This color was well suited for my wall color.


Then started painting the flowers using acrylic colors.

TWA7Flowers painted.


Now all the designs were given a thick outline using a black marker pen.


Few more designs added… few star like designs and dotted lines here and there.


Glued on some floral embellishments – corrugated flowers..


And glued on small rhinestones at a few places.


Finally, painted a border in black.


The colorful thermocol wall art ready to adorn my room!

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