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Athapookalam Designs for Onam

Pookalam is an arrangement of flowers in the form of a design like a floral rangoli. Athapookalam designs are made during the Onam Festival in Kerala.

Here are some Athapookalam designs for this Onam.

Athapookalam Designs:

Design 1:

ATHP2Image Credit

Design 2:

ATHP3Image Credit

Design 3:

ATHP4Image Credit

In many places in Kerala, competitions are organized and the participants make huge pookalam designs making the streets colorful and filled with flowers.

Leaves and color powder mixed with crystal salt is also used in pookalam designs. The crystal salt mixture gives a glittery effect to the kolam when the sun rays fall on it.

Design 4:


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To make a pookalam, the base design is first drawn on a flat surface.

ATHP5Image Credit

Based on the envisaged outcome, flowers are filled in the design. Whole flowers or petals are used to fill the designs.

ATHP6Image Credit

Here is the completed pookalam.

Design 5:

ATHP7Image Credit

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