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Two Color Origami Heart – Instructions

An origami heart with dual color can be made using a one sided sheet of paper by following these simple steps.

Origami HeartHow to make a paper origami heart:

Step 1:

Take a square sheet of paper – colored on one side.

TCOH1Step 2:

Fold the paper in half and unfold to make a vertical crease at the center.

Step 3:

Fold such that the left side meets the center crease, like one side of a cupboard fold.

TCOH2Step 4:

Now fold the whole model (outward) in half.

TCOH3Step 5:

Lift the right side and insert in the opening formed by the fold made in step 4.


You now have this model – in two shades.

TCOH5Step 6:

Make a horizontal fold at the top – the fold here is around 1/2 inch in height.

TCOH6Step 7:

Make small triangular folds at the two corners.

TCOH7Step 8:

Open up the folds and flatten at he corners.

TCOH8Step 9:

Flip. Lift the bottom two corners and fold them towards the center.

TCOH9Step 10:

TCOH10Step 11:

Flip and the heart is done.


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