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Stained glass painting Glimpse

Stained Glass Painting Work – Tutorial

This tutorial will show how to make a glass painting design on glassware for a stained glass effect in a few simple steps. The stained glass effect is generally seen on windows and decorative glassware. This is one of the widely used techniques in painting glass other than the reverse glass painting technique.

Stained glass painting Glimpse

How to create stained glassware:

Step 1:

We start with a clean glass.


We will need solvent based glass colors and glass liner (black) for this project.

Step 2:

Gently squeeze out the liner and draw the chosen design on the glass. You can place a design below the glass and trace out a pattern too – mine here is a free hand design.

The nozzle of the glass liner makes this quite easy. The liner gives a three dimensional effect to the outline. Once the design is drawn, allow it to dry for 1.5 to 2 hours.


Here is the completed design.

SGP3Step 3:

We are now going to use solvent based glass colors to fill in the design.

SGP4Fill in the design – these colors give a transparent see through look, giving the stained glass effect.

You could use a cotton swab to remove unwanted paint from the surface as and when necessary.


Squeeze the bottle gently so that there isn’t too much paint flowing out. These paints are thin and flow out of the outline if too much is used. You could also use a brush to even out the paint.

The design is filled with different colors and allowed to dry. These colors dry up pretty quickly.


Here is the completed glass – a view of the glass painting from the top.


And another pattern made with the same technique – just a little bit more colorful.

Painted GlassUsing this painting technique, elaborate wall hanging designs can be made. We will see one such project soon.

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