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Quilled Snowflake

Quilled Snowflakes

This post here is my attempt at making a basic snowflake design using the technique of quilling. The quilled snowflake has been made using white quilling strips.

These snowflakes can also be  turned into pendants after attaching a small loop.

Quilled Snowflake

How to make quilled snowflakes:

Step 1:

We first make various quilled pieces in different designs. Triangles, tear drops, coils, c-shaped type and a tight coil.

QS1Step 2:

Set a tight coil at the center and glue tear drops around it.

QS2Step 3:

Next is to glue the round coils.

QS3Step 4:

…then the C-shaped ones.

QS4Step 5:

And finally the triangle pieces are glued on.

QS5Step 6:

I’ve then attached a quilled loop for hanging the snowflake.

QS6Step 7:

Sparkle glue in silver color has been sparingly used for a bit of glitter.

QS7Step 8:

Allow the sparkle glue to dry. As always a clear coat of sealant is applied…and the quilled snowflake is done.


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