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Origami Vase

Simple 3D Origami Vase – Tutorial

Origami Vases can be made in different shapes and sizes. Sometime back we made a little complex origami vase using more than 700 paper units. The vase we are about to do here today requires lesser time and is simple to make.

I finally found a suitable vase for these red roses…

Origami Vase

How to make a simple origami vase:

You will need a total of 143 units for this vase. 91 units in yellow and 52 units in white is what we would be using.

For the tutorial on how to make the triangular paper units, you can see here.

It is always advisable to use thicker paper so that the model is more sturdy and long standing as well. Thicker paper makes the shaping of the models much easier too.

SOV1Step 1:

Start by making connector units as we usually start any such project.

SOV2Step 2:

Keep connecting the units to complete Rows 1 and 2. We will have 13 units in each row.

SOV3Step 3:

Now add the next row with white units. All rows will have 13 units for this vase.

SOV4Step 4:

Keep adding yellow and white unit rows alternatively till you have a total of 9 rows.

SOV5Step 5:

Row 10 will be added differently. As you can see, the unit is inserted by turning it the other way as shown below.

SOV6Step 6:

Complete inserting Row 10 in the manner explained above.

SOV7Step 7:

Insert Row 11 in the same way as we inserted Row 10.

A view from the top after Row 11 is inserted.

SOV8Shape the units a bit and here is the completed vase.

Origami VaseSimple enough wasn’t it?!

Maybe once you are comfortable with these sort of smaller projects, you can try the bigger 3D Vase – tutorial is here.

Maybe I’ll come up with one more vase making project, with a different design down the lane. But right now the next target is 3D origami lotus. I’m currently working on it…will post the tutorial and pics soon!

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