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Kirigami spider webs

Kirigami Spider Web – Tutorial

There are many easy Kirigami works that one could do as decor, for ornaments, cards and so on. This project is to make spider webs using the technique of kirigami.

Kirigami spider webs

How to make Kirigami spider webs:

Step 1

The steps to make this are quite simple. We will be making a few folds and uniform cuts on a piece of paper and will be done.

Start with a square or rectangular sheet of paper.

Paper WebStep 2:

Fold the paper in half by lifting the lower part of the paper and joining it with the top.

Step 3:

Fold this in half again, make a crease and unfold.

KSW2Step 4:

Now lift the bottom right corner, take it upwards and fold it as shown. You can see that the lower tip of the fold aligns with the center crease.

Step 5:

Repeat the above step for the left side. You will get a cone like structure as shown. Press well so that the folds are secure.

KSW3Step 6:

See the point where the fold we made in step 5 aligns with the fold at the right.

(Looks like I am not wording this step properly – but the photos will convey the meaning I hope.)

Step 7:

Cut along this point to get a triangle – we are basically cutting off the extra paper here.

KSW4Step 8:

Cut off a strip at the top like a crater as shown.

Step 9:

Now make cuts from the left and right side of the triangle towards the center. The distance between the cuts should ideally be uniform.

KSW5b Step 10:

You can now open up the folds and you would have a neat kirigami spider web made out of paper.

Paper spider webI just kept the paper webs under a hard bound book for a couple of minutes to flatten the folds and creases!

You could make many of these in different colors and put them up as a Halloween decor or make a banner out of these paper spider webs.

It is only June…and up goes my first Halloween project tutorial of the year!!

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