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Felt Anemone Brooch

Felt Anemone Brooch

Anemone flowers are one of the simplest and yet beautiful flowers one can find… pure ‘black and white’ beauty. Here is an attempt at making a anemone flower felt brooch.

Felt Anemone Brooch

How to make a felt brooch:

We would be using felt and glue primarily for this DIY project. Very little sewing would be required towards the end.

Step 1:

Draw the outline of the anemone flower petal on a piece of card stock and cut it out. This will be the template for making the petals.


Step 2:

Using the template cut out ten petals out of white felt.

FAB2Step 3:

Cut out a circular piece of felt and apply a good fabric glue or any other suitable adhesive on it. Since we will be gluing the petals on to this circle, let the size of the circle be big enough.

Step 4:

Start attaching the petals one by one to this piece.

Here are five of the petals glued on. Allow the glue to dry for some time.

FAB5Step 5:

Flip the model.

Step 6:

Now apply glue on the center piece and attach the other petals just like how we did in Step 4. Allow the glue to dry so that all the petals are secured well.

Step 7:

For the center of the flower, cut out a circle of black felt. Make cuts as shown.

Step 8:

Glue this piece on to the center of the flower.

Step 9:

We will now take a black fabric covered button and sew it on to the center.

Step 10:

Flip and glue on a white circular piece of felt (to the back of the brooch). Attach a pin to this piece. I glued on the pin and then made a couple of stitches so that it is attached well.

The completed anemone felt brooch is here.

Felt Anemone

Silver sequins can be sewed on as an enhancement.

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