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Craft Foam Key chain

Craft Foam Keychain

This is yet another craft foam craft which kids can do easily with minimal supervision. You will need craft foam, glue and scissors for this project.

Craft Foam Key chain

How to Make a Craft Foam Key chain:

Cut out a piece of foam in the shape of a butterfly. I used a craft punch to cut out this butterfly, so that the shape is neat.

CFK1Cut out some small pieces of foam in a contrast color.


And glue these pieces on to the butterfly base.

CFK3Apply some glue as shown.

CFK4Tiny pieces of foam in tear drop pattern are cut out and glued on.


A piece in green color is cut and glued on at the center for the body of the butterfly.

CFK6A tiny hole is made at the top to insert the key ring.


Now insert the key ring and the craft foam key chain is done.

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