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Tissue Paper Doilies – DIY

This is how you could make tissue paper doilies using the technique of kirigami. The method is similar to how we made paper snowflakes. You can make similar kind of doilies using starched fabric as well with crisper cuts for a clear pattern.

Paper Doilies

Steps to make Kirigami tissue paper doilies:

Step 1:

Take a square piece of tissue paper.

Step 2:

Fold it in half along a diagonal.

Step 3:

Fold it in half again.

Step 4:

Again folding it in half. The more the number of folds, the prettier the design would be.

Step 5:

Fold in half one last time and cut off the edge in a curve.

Step 6:

Any design can now be cut. Punches can also be used here.

Step 7:

Open up the folds and the doily is done.

These simple to make doilies can be strung like a banner and be turned into colorful pieces of decor. These can be disguised as snowflakes and hung up a cheerful decor too!

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