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Anemone Rosette Headband

Satin Anemone Rosette Headband

Satin ribbon has been used to make this simple satin anemone flower rosette. These rosettes can be used to adorn headbands, to make boutonnières and so on..

Anemone Rosette Headband

How To make the satin rosette:

Step 1:

Cut out three circular pieces out of a broad white satin ribbon. Each piece is in a different size.

Step 2:

The edge of the pieces are exposed to a flame to get petal like pieces as shown.

Step 3:

The pieces are glued on together to secure the layers using fabric glue.

Step 4:

A black button is sewed at the center.

Step 5:

The rosette is attached to a headband using a suitable glue.


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