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Rhinestone Coasters

Rhinestone Coasters – Party Special

These simple to make rhinestone coasters are suitable for parties bringing with them some sparkle. You would need a wooden or ceramic tile of a suitable size, some rhinestones and white adhesive (or Mod Podge). Pre-cut wooden floor samples (laminated) work very well for these coasters.

Rhinestone Coasters

How To make rhinestone coasters:

Step 1:

We will take one wooden tile and smooth-en the edges if required.

Step 2:

Apply a thin coat of white adhesive.

Step 3:

Start gluing on the rhinestones to the tile. Big rhinestones (or plastic gems) look better.

Keep gluing the stones in the desired pattern. I glued the stones in such a way that they peep out of the base tile a bit.

Here is a look of the coaster after all the stones were glued.

Another view…

Experiment using different color rhinestones and in multiple patterns. You can choose colors to go with the theme of your party …

You can make these coasters for your teenage kids parties too. They look quite cool!

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