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Origami Heart Wreath – Tutorial

The art of making origami models using triangular units is an awesome technique indeed! Triangular paper units can be used to make different models ranging from simple to complex. The model shown here is a simple heart wreath and is perfect for Valentine’s Day decor.

Origami Heart Wreath

Steps for making an Origami Heart Wreath:

We will start by making triangular paper units. The steps for making the units can be found here. 

Since we are making a wreath, the units can be bigger in size. So from one A4 sheet of paper, 4 units have been made.

A total of 48 units have been used for this wreath. But the number of units depends on the size of the wreath you want to make.

Step 2:

Start inserting the triangular units one after the other in a linear fashion alternating between the two colors chosen.

Step 3:

Insert 24 such units and shape them in a curved manner as shown. This is one half of the heart wreath.

Step 4:

Repeat steps 2 and 3 to make a similar structure. The two parts of the wreath are now done.

Step 5:

We will now join the two parts together.

Remove the bottom last unit from both the parts. Open and insert one of the units in one part as shown.

Step 6:

Connect the other part with this unit.

Step 7:

At this point, flip the model and this is how the structure at the bottom looks.

Step 8:

Insert another unit in the same fashion connecting the two parts.

Step 9:

Join the top as shown by inserting the first unit of both parts. You can use glue here to help secure the connection better.

And the completed wreath is here…

This wreath can be embellished further as you would like. You can even make ornaments or a banner with such origami hearts. Just make the triangular units in the size suitable for your project.

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