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Easy Ribbon Flowers

Easy Ribbon Flowers Tutorial

Satin ribbons are used for making a variety of accessories and embellishments. Following the tutorial on making hair bows, here is how you can make cute ribbon flowers using satin ribbons.

Easy Ribbon Flowers

How To make ribbon flowers:

Step 1:

We will need three pieces of ribbon of the same length for one flower. These ribbons measure about 3/4 inches in width and 8 inches in length.

Step 2:

Seal the edges of the ribbon by exposing the edge to an open flame.

Step 3:

Apply fabric glue on one edge of a ribbon.

Step 4:

Join the edges together and press till secure.

Step 5:

Apply glue at the center and press to get the structure shown.

Make a similar structure with the remaining two pieces of ribbon.

Step 6:

Apply glue at the center of each piece.

Step 7:

Place one piece over the other.

Step 8:

Embellish as you please. I’ve used a foam flower…

And a button…glued on.

Pretty and simple aren’t they?!

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