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Incense Sticks Holder

Decorative Incense Sticks Holder

A small work of mine – giving a makeover to a dull incense holder using acrylic colors.

I found an incense holder which was dumped in the closet some time back. Probably I had thought it was too dull to go into my puja room. But today I was in a mood of putting it to use but there was no way these elephants were going the same way.

Incense Sticks Holder Up-cycling project

So, from this…

To this… In less than 20 minutes.

Incense Sticks HolderHow To:

Step 1:

First was a coat of chosen acrylic colors. After the colors dried, one more coat was painted.

Step 2:

For a royal touch, a tinge of golden color acrylic paint was used.

Step 3:

Outlines were then painted in black.

Step 4:

A few rhinestones were glued on for a bit of glitter.

Step 5:

A coat of clear varnish was applied and left to dry.

A colorful piece of decor is now done. The incense sticks would be really glad!


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