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Wooden Spoons Decor

Wooden Spoons Decor

Decorated wooden spoons can be hung in your kitchen to add a little color and as a piece of adornment. Making these doesn’t take too much time either. What’s more, you can experiment with different designs and colors to suit your mood.

Glimpse of the Decorated Wooden Spoons:

Wooden Spoons Decor

How to turn wooden spoons into piece of decor:

We will start with a clean and smooth wooden spoon.

Paint a base coat of acrylic color.

Paint another coat of the chosen acrylic color.

Allow the paint to dry.

Paint any design that comes to your mind that goes with the base coat.

You can then glue on rhinestones, beads or pearls for a nicer effect.

Apply a coat of clear sealant (non-toxic) after the paint is dry. And more importantly, don’t use these for cooking and serving… just as a piece of decor!

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