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Mother's Day Quilled Card

Quilled Mother’s Day Card

This is a quilled greeting card for Mother’s day. Quilling strips of different colors have been used and the word “MOM” has been quilled and glued on at the center of the card.

Mother's Day Quilled Card

How to make the quilled card:

A blank white card has been folded and the word ‘MOM’ has been written using pencil at the center.

Random flower and leaf designs have been hand drawn using black pen.

As it can be seen, the designs are drawn around the letters at the center.

The outline is made using quilling strips.

And next is the part where you fill the letters using quilling strips of different colors. Coils and designs of different shapes have been quilled and glued on here.

Since the background is black and white, the strips used can be of multiple shades.

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