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Grey Quilled Earrings

Quilled Earrings with Pearl Drop

A tutorial for an easy to make pair of quilled earrings is outlined here. You will need quilling strips, jump rings, earring hooks and two pearls to make this earring.Glimpse of the Earrings:

How to make Quilled Paper Earrings:

Step 1:

Make moderately loose quilled coils. You will need six such coils for one pair – three pieces per earring.

Step 2:

Take three pieces and glue them together after shaping them as shown.

Step 3:

A frame is quilled around the structure made in step 3.

Step 4:

A jump ring is inserted in the bottom and a pearl is slid in.

Step 5:

A small loop is quilled and attached using glue at the top.

Step 6:

Jump ring and earring hook is inserted in the loop.

Repeat steps 2 to 6 for the other earring.

Grey Quilled Earrings

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