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Play Clay Caterpillar

Play Clay Caterpillar

A caterpillar could be made out of play clay by kids using a few simple steps outlined below.

Glimpse of the Caterpillar:

Play Clay Caterpillar

How To make a clay caterpillar:

I haven’t described the steps elaborately as they are very simple and the images are self explanatory.

Step 1:

Make a few balls out of play clay in different sizes.

Step 2:

Similarly make few balls in different sizes using another color. Contrast colors can be chosen to make the caterpillar more attractive.

Step 3:

Join the balls together by alternating between the two colors as shown.

Step 4:

Two tiny pieces of string are used to set the antenna of the caterpillar.

The eyes could better be set in black and white. I couldn’t find the colors in my inventory, so used the yellow and green!

Isn’t the caterpillar cute? This will be a fun craft activity for toddlers and kids to do.

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