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Modular Origami Strawberry – Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how you could make a modular origami strawberry by assembling triangular paper units.

Modular Origami Strawberry

How To make a 3D origami strawberry:

We will need a total of 78 triangular units for this model.

These 78 units comprise of 65 units in Red/Pink color and 13 units in Green color.

Step 1:

Here are the pink color units made. The tutorial for making these triangular units is available here.

Step 2:

Join three pieces together by making these connector units.

Step 3:

Keep connecting units such that Rows 1 and 2 are formed with 13 units in each row.

Step 4:

Insert Row 3 with 13 units.

Step 5:

Bring the last row downwards to get the structure shown.

Step 6:

Row 4 is now inserted – 13 units.

Step 7:

Insert units for Row 5 (13 units) in the same fashion.

Step 8:

Now for the leaves of the strawberry, we will make 13 green color triangular units.

Step 9:

Insert each green unit at the top as shown.

View of the model from the top after the units have been inserted.

And… The finished strawberry model.


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