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Modular Origami Orange

Modular Origami Orange – Tutorial

A very natural looking three dimensional origami orange fruit can be done by following the steps explained below.

Modular Origami Orange

How To make a 3D Origami Orange:

We will need a total of 180 Orange color triangular units for this model.

The steps to make these triangular units is available here.

Step 1:

Make 180 units (One A4 sheet is used to make 16 units).

Step 2:

This model will have 10 rows and 18 units in each row.

We will start by making connector units.

Step 3:

Rows 1 and 2 are done.

Keep adding rows – as mentioned earlier, you would have 18 units in each row.

View of the model after all the 10 Rows have been inserted. Shape the structure to look like an orange.

View from the top – As you can see, there is a small circular opening at the top. This will be used to insert the stem and leaves of the orange.

Step 4:

Insert a rolled strip of green paper at the top and glue on paper leaves.

And..here is the completed orange fruit!

Origami Orange

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