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Quilled Daisy earring

How to Quill flower petals using a Comb

Its been a couple of months since I started quilling. It was high time I started using quilling comb and other tools. I was quite fascinated by the pattern one could do using a simple comb and quilling paper.

Here is how you could make petal structures using a regular comb (no I haven’t used the quilling comb).

The Daisy Flower Earrings:

Quilled Daisy earring

Made these simple pair of daisy earrings – the petals as you can see have tiny loops in them giving the petals an intricately designed appearance.

How To:

Step 1:

Start with a strip of quilling paper and a comb.

Step 2:

Make a loop at one end of the strip using the quilling needle. Use a little glue to secure the loop.

Step 3:

Remove the strip from the needle and insert it in the comb.

Step 4:

Start by wrapping the quilling strip on the closest tooth of the comb.

Step 5:

As you can see, the strip is taken down the prong/tooth of the comb and brought to the front.

Step 6:

As you keep wrapping, apply a little glue at the center (bottom) so that the strips are in place. You may not need to apply the glue once you are comfortable in handling the strips.

Step 7:

My petal is going to be a small one, so I made 4 wraps on each side of the central loop.

This is the side view of the wraps to give you an idea of how the structure is at this point.

Step 8:

Now slowly slide the strip out of the comb.

Step 9:

Bring the two ends of the structure together as shown.

I did not like this image…my chipped off nail color is so clear in this 🙁 !!!

Step 10:

Now quill the remaining part of the strip around this structure and use glue to secure the quilled design.

Five such petals have been made and glued together.

A tight coil is quilled for the center of the daisy and glued on top.

One more flower is made using the same steps as outlined above.

Comb quilled petals

Jump rings and earring hooks are then inserted to finish the earring.

A clear coat of sealant is applied to protect the earrings.

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