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Origami Vase

How to make a 3D Origami Vase

Here is the tutorial based on my attempt at making an Origami vase. As you can see, a round vase design has been made.

Origami Vase

Steps to make a Modular Origami Vase using Paper:

We will be using triangular modules in three colors for this model.

We will need a total of 894 units = 744 White + 114 Black + 36 Blue.

The tutorial on making a triangular unit is available here.

Step 1:

Start with Rows 1 and 2 by making connector units.

Step 2:

First we will make the neck of the vase.

For this we will assemble a structure of 11 Rows with 24 White units in each row.

Here is the neck of the vase after the 11 rows have been inserted. We will shape it later.

Step 3:

Now for the the base (/bowl) of the vase, in the same manner as we assembled the neck of the vase, we will assemble the units.

The bowl will have a total of 15 Rows with 42 units  in each row.

Rows 1 to 3 will have only white units.

Step 4:

Row 4 is inserted by alternating between 4 Black and 3 Blue units.

Step 5:

Add few more black and blue units as shown.

Step 6:

Fill in the remaining part of the rows with white units.

Step 7:

Keep adding White units for the rows till you have a total of 15 rows.

Step 8:

Shove the neck into the base/bowl of the vase. This model would not need any glue to hold the two parts together.

Now for some flowers…

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