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Foam Butterfly Pencil topper

Foam Butterfly Pencil Toppers – Fun Craft for Kids

Pen/pencil toppers can be made in different designs and using different materials. Construction paper and foam are more suitable as craft materials for kids. This is a simple ‘how-to’ on making pencil toppers using foam. It is also a cool craft which kids can show off to their friends at school!!

Foam Butterfly Pencil topper

How to make Craft Foam Pencil Toppers:

Step 1:

Cut out two butterfly shape pieces from a thin sheet of foam. If you have punches, that would help you make the shapes more uniform.

Step 2:

Apply white adhesive on one piece leaving out the center part.

Step 3:

Place a pencil such that it runs though the center of the piece and then place the other piece of foam on top and press. The pencil is to help us judge the size of the opening required between the two pieces.

Allow the glue to dry.

Step 4:

You can now remove the pencil and decorate the butterflies using plastic gems, sparkles, beads or any other material that you think could add a little something to your topper.

The foam pencil topper is now done… This technique can be used to make pencil toppers in different designs and materials.

Craft Foam Pencil topper

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