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3D Origami Hat

3D Origami Hat – Tutorial

For beginners of 3D/Modular origami, this origami hat model would be ideal. It would not test your patience much and it is simple to assemble too.

Glimpse of the Origami Hat:

3D Origami Hat

How To:

Step 1:

We will start off by making 120 triangular units. 16 pieces are made from one A4 sheet to get the pieces of the desired size. For clear instructions on how to make each unit, click here.

Step 2:

Row 1 and 2 are made as shown. You will join two units of Row 1 with one unit of Row 2 – these are called connector units.

Step 3:

Keep assembling the units as shown above. You will have 20 units in each row in this model. So as of this step, we have consumed 40 units.

Step 4:

Add Row 3 in the same fashion. 20 units in this row too.

Step 5:

Now invert the model.

Step 6:

Add Row 4 as shown. As you can see, the units of this row are added upside down.

Here is Row 4 completed.

Step 7:

Bring the lower edges of the last row (Row 4) together downwards as shown.


Step 8:

Start adding Row 5 as shown. Use a little glue on each unit when adding this row.

Another view of Row 5 unit added.

A view of all units of Row 5 inserted.

Step 9:

Invert the model and now add Row 6 in the similar fashion as you ad added Row 5.

Step 10:

The completed model – top view.

Step 11:

Last step is to ask your soft toy pet to wear the hat.

Doll wearing Origami Hat


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