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Quilled Cherry Blossoms

Quilled Cherry Blossoms – Framed Art

After a quilling break for sometime now, my attempt at making a framed quilling work is here. My favorite cherry blossoms chosen as the theme.

Quilled Cherry Blossoms

Started by making the typical loose coils.

After having made enough coils for the five petal flowers, the next step was to glue the petals together.

The center of the flower were tight fringed coils.

The fringes are opened up.

The base for the work is made by gluing duplex paper on to a piece of card board.

Then the cherry flowers are glued on to the base.

I used a blue marker for my tree. I don’t know, just felt like using a non-traditional color for the tree and branches.

A few leaves were then made in the tear drop pattern and glued on.

Loose coils in shades of brown are glued on for a plateau like appearance at the bottom.

Not too shabby for a start I guess. Will continue to experiment!

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