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Layered Felt Brooch

Layered Felt Brooch DIY

Continuing in my line of felting experiments, here is a layered felt brooch. You will need single or double sided felt cloth in two colors and sewing thread to make this brooch.

Layered Felt Brooch

How to make a simple felt brooch:

Step 1:  The chosen template – a flower in this case is drawn on a piece of card and cut out. The design chosen here is quite basic, so you could even directly draw the design on the felt cloth and cut it out.

Step 2: One sided felt cloth is what I’ve used here. The outline is drawn using the template and cut out. Two pieces would have to be cut out for one brooch.

Step 3: One of the pieces is further cut down across to get petal like pieces.

Step 4: Another piece is cut out in a different color (just like the one in step 2). This would however be a size bigger than the previous one.

Step 5: Both the pieces are attached together using fabric glue.

Step 6: One more layer of petals are then attached. The pieces cut out in step 3 are used.

Step 7:

Flip and attach a round piece of felt.

Step 8:

A pin is inserted in the felt.

Step 9:

A simple pattern is made using sewing thread and the brooch is complete.

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