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Felt Easter Egg Ornaments

Felt Easter Egg Ornaments Tutorial

With Easter approaching, I just thought that I’d make a few ornaments using felt.

And this time I decided to make a ‘no sew’ felt ornament. Just felt, scissors and the good old fabric glue.

Felt Easter Egg OrnamentsHow To:

Step 1:

Start off by cutting out the shape of the ornament from a piece of chart paper or card. This will be the template for the ornaments.

Step 2:

Draw the same shape using the template on a piece of felt cloth and cut it out.

Step 3:

Now cut out few more pieces of felt in different colors and suitable shapes. This would be based on the design you have in mind.

Glue this on to the egg shaped base using fabric glue.

Step 4:

You can then attach buttons, beads or any other embellishment of choice. Sew or glue them together – your choice.

Step 5:

Cut out a piece of satin ribbon.

Step 6:

Attach this to the back of the ornament – you can pin, sew or glue them together.

Allow the glue to dry for some time – the ornament is ready.

I experimented with a few other designs – this one is my favorite.

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