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Felt Cell Phone Pouch

Felt Cell Phone Pouch – DIY

My cell phone has been in need of a pouch for long and finally I decided to make one. And my good old friend, ‘felt’ was more than happy to lend a helping hand. So here is how I made it.

Felt Cell Phone Pouch

How To:

Step 1:

Assess the size of the felt piece you need and cut it out accordingly. I’ve used two colors – dark green for the base and white for the front of the pouch.

Step 2:

The two pieces are hand stitched together in this fashion (blanket stitch using two strands of thread). Alternatively, you can stitch in the inside and later turn it inside out. I prefer this way for felt.

Step 3:

The base of the pouch (in dark green) is a longer piece which is cut out in a curvy fashion. This serves as the closing flap for the pouch.

A view of the pouch – flipped.

Step 4:

A strip of felt is stitched close to the mouth of the pouch as shown.

Step 5:

Few strips of felt in different colors are cut and glued on using fabric glue. You can alternatively hand stitch them.

Its now ready to hold the cell phone.

As you can see, my phone peeps out a bit, I kept the length of the white felt piece this way so that its easier for me to take it out.

It turned out to be pretty cool and I like the color bars especially. Everyone in my home now wants one. So guess, I”ll be experimenting with quite a few designs.

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