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Terracotta Pot Decoupage

DIY – Terracotta Pot Decoupage

There were so many gift wrappers lying around and I had to use them up. So I took an old terracotta pot and decided to give a decoupage face lift to the old pot.

Terracotta Pot Decoupage

How To:

Step 1:

The pot was indeed in an ‘ugly’ state. Just cleaned up the impurities and got the base ready.

Step 2:

Applied a thin layer of white glue/mod podge evenly on the pot.

Step 3:
Strips of wrapping paper were cut and pasted on the pot. The paper was evenly smoothened while pasting it to avoid bubbles.

Step 4:

Repeated step 3 with multiple strips and the outside of the pot was fully covered.

Step 5:

The top part of the pot was painted in a suitable color.

Step 6:

Little more ‘decoupaging’ done with white strips of paper.

Step 7:

Two coats of white adhesive (alternate of Mod Podge available in India) and one coat of clear sealant was brushed over to protect the pot. (Allowing drying time between each coat)

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