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Black & White Nail Designs

Here are a set of nail designs in black and white. These colors are good to go with any party wear and most of the designs are such that they can be carried well with formal wear too.

I stumbled upon many of these nail designs as I was doing some research on the different types of fashion statements one could make using these salt and pepper shades.

Note: These images have been taken from Flickr under the Creative Commons License. The attribution for each work is mentioned under the image with the link source. This could help you explore more about your favorite design by navigating further.

Nail Design Collection:

Attributed to: Monica Avey

Monica Avey and another nail art designer who goes by the nickname Pumpkincat  have been my inspirations for different nail art designs.

Attributed to: Monica Avey

Joining this list is this site which I happened to come across recently – DIY Nail Art Designs. Many really cool designs are shared on this website. The beauty is that most of them are really simple and the designs are pretty too. Apart from diy designs, various other information with regard to nail are is also shared on this site. The below design is from there.

Attributed to: diynailartdesigns.info

One of my favorites is the nail art design below. It is simple and elegant, at the same time has a classy look to it. A small rhinestone has been set at the center of the pattern. And more than anything, looks like I can do it it too!

Attributed To: NailsbyLisa

For those looking to experiment with something wild and funky, here is a zebra pattern nail design.

Nail Design

Attributed To: theinvisiblewombat

The last one in the list is this simple design. The design is mainly done using black nail color and a nice candid white flower. This is suitable for short nails and can be done on toe nails too.

 Attributed To: NailsbyLisa

Get inspired, go black and white!

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