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Kundan Rangoli

Single piece Kundan Rangoli DIY

The traditional rangolis which have been used for years to adorn homes during festivals have in the recent past acquired a new form of kundan rangolis.

Kundan rangolis or floating rangolis as they are sometimes referred to as are made using transparent plastic or cardboard sheets and kundan stones (rhinestones or plastic gems). The rangoli made in this project is a single piece rangoli which does not need to be assembled.

Kundan Rangoli

How To make a Floating Kundan Rangoli:

Draw a two circle disk like shape on a thick piece of card board. This will be the size of your rangoli design, so draw the circles as required.

Cut out the disk shape along the circle drawn. We’ve chosen this shape so that a lamp can be set at the center of the rangoli. So the inner circle’s size is drawn accordingly.

Wrap the card board ring in a colored paper of choice and glue it.

Cut out some design which can gel suitably in the disk shaped base. I chose the good old ‘mango design’ as it is called. The design was drawn on a piece of colored paper and cut out. This is then glued on the base.

Start making the design using rhinestones. As you can see here, I’ve made three rings of rhinestones, in contrasting colors. The first ring was made using white stones for a look that stands out.

Next was to give an outline using white pearls. The mango designs were further jazzed up a but using kundan/rhinestones at the center.

Sparkle glue is sparingly used to adorn the rangoli.

The last bit was a ring of dull gold color beads between the string of pearls and the kundan rings.

Allow the glue to dry.

The finished kundan rangoli is here.

You can set a lamp at the center during occasions for a decorative and festive look.

Kundan Rangoli

We will make a few more floating kundan rangoli designs on plastic sheets in the days to come…

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