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Gift Wrapper Pendant

Gift Wrapper Pendant

A piece of gift wrapper can be turned into a charming pendant in no time. Here’s how.

Gift Wrapper PendantHow To:

Step 1:

Start with a rectangular piece of gift wrapping paper. Place it with the ‘good’ side facing down. Start folding the paper.

Step 2:

Fold the paper in strip like folds and glue to secure the folds.

Step 3:

Start rolling the strip as shown.

Step 4:

Keep rolling the strip. Use glue to secure the roll.

Allow the glue to dry and the pendant is ready.

Step 5:

Make a small roll of a thin strip of paper.

Step 6:

Apply some glue at one point in the circumference of the pendant.

Step 7:

Attach the small roll made in step 5.

Step 8:

Once the glue is dry, insert a chain and you’ve got a piece of fashion jewelry.


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