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Duplex Paper Poinsettia

Crepe or Duplex Paper Poinsettia – DIY

Poinsettia flowers are my favorite – they’ve got a festive look in them, I don’t know how but just looking at them brings a feeling of joy (maybe its the but the red and green color?) and now I’ve got one more reason, they’re simple to make too!

Duplex Paper Poinsettia

How to make Poinsettia flowers:

Poinsettia flowers can be made using different materials. The supplies used here are –

  1. Duplex paper
  2. Piece of String
  3. Plastic stamen
  4. Glue
  5. Scissors
There are again more than one way to make this flower. I’ve used the good old origami technique to make the flower shown in this tutorial. If you remember, we made a lotus using the similar technique sometime back.
So let’s begin.
Step 1: Take a square piece of crepe or duplex paper. Cut this in half.
Step 2: We will need three  such rectangular pieces of duplex paper for one flower.


Step 3: Take one piece and flip it. Bring the four corners of the rectangle towards the center as shown.

Step 4: Now fold the top of the rectangle in half.


Step 5: Repeat step 4 for the other half of the rectangle.

Step 6: Fold the model in half along its horizontal.

Step 7: Fold this in half again to make a crease at the center.

Step 8: Repeat steps 3 to 7 for the other two rectangular pieces. Now secure the three pieces together along the center crease using a piece of string.

Step 9: Evenly space out the pieces and flatten them to make the petals.

Step 10: Plastic stamen are attached at the center.

Step 11: The steps to make the leaves are outlined below using successive shots. These are quite self explanatory – simple origami folds are made. You will need three square pieces of paper for making six leaves.

For clearer instructions on making these leaves – see here.


The three pieces (each piece has two leaves) are glued on at the center in Step 16 above.

Step 17: The last step would be to glue the flower made on the leaf structure.

Duplex Poinsettia

Allow the glue to dry. You can shape the pointed edges of the leaves for a more realistic look.

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